Grow your own food in a modern-day victory garden

Interest is growing in WWII-style Victory Gardens amid coronavirus mitigation measures being taken by Americans to save lives in our communities.  There is a long history of Americans digging in to build resiliency into our communities. It’s fortunate that we are at the beginning of the growing season. Between now and autumn we have the chance to coax food from the soil while also feeding our souls. Gardening not only gives us the satisfaction of raising delicious and nutritious food, it also provides us with the opportunity of exercising outdoors, relieving pressure on our nations food supply system, and teaching our children how to grow food. My garden is inspired by garden plans and artwork from the WWII era and I hope it inspires you too.

We’ve gathered what you need to GROW YOUR OWN Victory Garden and enjoy the healthful benefits of gardening while building food resilience for your family and plenty to share with friends and neighbors.  So grab your tools, sow your seeds and nurture their growth.

Visit Apple Green’s Yard + Garden Shop for the tools, garden gear and seeds you need to create a victory garden. We’d love to see your progress! Share your home and garden projects with us on Instagram by tagging your snapshots with #aginstagrams. See you there!