VELCRO® Garden Ties



This VELCRO® Brand garden tie material is quick and easy to use. Using the same design principle as the original VELCRO® Brand products, it is self sticking and reusable. This garden tie product is thin, very flexible, strong, durable and weather resistant. Non-slip grip keeps flowers and plants staked, supported, and securely bundled together. Soft side won’t scratch or damage plants; wraps onto itself for a secure hold; plant supports are easy to reposition for growing blooms. Use only the desired amount; reusable and adjustable; ideal for year after year use for tomato cages and support. Strong gripping action keeps ties securely in place during stormy and inclement weather. Ideal to use as a plant clip, plant wire, and plant tape; these plant ties for gardens can even be used for securing trees, tools and fencing.

Product dimensions: 30ft x ½ in. roll

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