Milk Pail Bird Feeder



Bring some old-fashioned charm to your feeding stations with the Milk Pail Bird Feeder. The classic milk canister silhouette and earthy coloring makes this feeder the perfect rustic touch for any backyard setting. This feeder doesn’t just look great – it offers a large capacity, too! The circular design promotes 360-degree feeding so multiple birds are able to dine at the same time. In addition, the tray helps to limit seed waste and features built-in drainage holes prevent water from pooling in the reservoir, instead allowing it to flow freely out of the base so seed stays fresh longer. For your convenience, the milk pail lid twists off to allow for effortless filling and cleaning. The pail is able to hold an astounding 5 lb of mixed seed or sunflower seed to ensure your hungry backyard birds are always well fed.

Rust resistant
Holds 5lbs
Product dimensions: 9¾ x 16½ inches

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