Everyone’s Favorite Hummingbird Feeder Set



Start attracting hummingbirds with this complete hummingbird feeding kit, perfect for kids of all ages. Features an easy to read measuring gauge printed on the side of the feeder, so you can quickly tell how many hummingbirds came to call. Easily monitor the nectar levels through the clear glass bottle, so you know when to refill. Features high-impact red plastic base with bee- and wasp-resistant feeding ports and wraparound perch, where hummingbirds can rest and feed. Includes metal hanging wire and green plastic ant moat, which you can fill with water to keep ants away for clean nectar and healthy hummingbirds.

Set includes: 32oz. hummingbird feeder, 14oz. instant nectar, port cleaning brush, and ant moat.

Holds 32oz
Made in the USA
Product dimensions: 6 x 12 inches




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